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Name: Vikash Chowdhury

Educational Qualification:
Bachelor in I.T. from Queensland University of Technology

Area of Expertise and Interest:
Financial Markets, Human Resource Management, Sales and Marketing

Vikash Chowdhury graduated with a degree in Information Technology and founded his first business in Mumbai, India along with a few friends under a partnership model in the year 2004. The business – ‘Apar Securities’ is in the business of financial and portfolio management. Hence Vikash gained an experience in understanding the financials of a company and also gained expertise in client-management.

Alongside, he also founded Raj Consultancy in the year 2004, a human resource recruitment firm which focuses on white-collar manpower management.

Career Highlights:
Partner in ‘Apar Securities’, a portfolio management company with a descent turnover.
Partner in ‘Raj Consultancy’, a human resource management company with an equally descent turnover.

Name: Anshu Sinhal

Educational Qualification:
B.Sc. (Computer Science)

Area of Expertise and Interest:
Recruitment and Payroll Management, Contract-Staffing, User-Testing and Debugging, Software Development and Corporate Governance.

Anshu Sinhal, graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science in the year 2004 and joined the software firm – Cognizant Technology Solutions(CTS) in the same year. She worked with CTS for 5 years which included on-site client servicing of The Swiss Bank, Switzerland. She then chose to part-ways with CTS and joined Raj Consultancy as the Head-Operations and has been since then managing the manpower management and payroll management verticals of the company. She is responsible for the corporate turn-around and has introduced a new-look and approach towards client servicing owing to the experience she gained while she was working with The Swiss Bank.

Career Highlights:
Worked with Cognizant Technology Solutions for 4 years.
Worked with Merrill Lynch for 1 year.
Head – Operations – Raj Consultancy since 2009.

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